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The KARE Kloset

Children Arriving at School

Back-to-School KARE Kloset

KARE has learned through experience that kids need clothing year round and their clothing needs contribute a lot to their success in the classroom.  For this reason, KARE recently developed the KARE Kloset to provide back-to-school clothing to help them feel equal.  Sawnee EMC has partnered with KARE in the past to help fund this effort and it has grown since its inception.  KARE looks forward to the potential of making a difference in the children's lives in this way. 

Get Involved

To donate or sponsor a child's closet, contact
Kare For Kids, Inc. at 706-216-KARE (5273) or email at

KARE for Kids is always in need of volunteers; please let us know if you are interested. A lot of work goes into what we try to accomplish. If you have an interest in volunteering with KARE, would like to sponsor a child(ren) this Christmas or would like to make a monetary donation please call 706-216-KARE (5273).

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