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Christmas Assistance Event

Donate or Sponsor a Child this Holiday Season

KARE for Kids, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing Christmas for underprivileged children.

We host The Mountain Moonshine Festival fundraiser each  year, to finance our goals. We also take donations from groups, businesses or organizations. Every penny raised goes towards the children of Dawson County. We provided Christmas to over 500+ children in the 2020 Christmas season alone! Thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors. 

There are many civic organizations, churches, businesses and individual families that have joined in the effort to make sure all of the children in Dawson County have a Christmas that they deserve. We appreciate all of these groups. They help KARE by sponsoring children for Christmas; make their business a toy drop off as well as financial support. 

Get Involved

To donate or sponsor a child this Christmas season contact
Kare For Kids, Inc. at 706-216-KARE (5273) or email at

Place a Star

Place a Star

    We are thankful that you have decided to have a STAR TREE this year.

We want this to be a rewarding and fulfilling act of kindness for your business and customers. The wish list items are used as a guide to age appropriate gifts.
3 FULL OUTFITS/ PACKAGE OF UNDERWEAR (3 pants and 3 shirts).......3 STARS
JACKET OR COAT (will specify).......1 STAR

3 CHRISTMAS ITEMS (these items are advised to be (2) $20 items and (1) $50 item).......3 STARS

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

 It is because of you, your family, and your kind friends that hundreds of children in Dawson County will have a joyous and exciting Christmas! Our organization is here to serve the children in our county in situations where there is an identified need.

 We work closely with local agencies/schools to help those children who often fall between the gaps. For each child there is an innate need to feel joy, love, pride, confidence, and many other things that a special Christmas gift can bring.
As preparations begin, volunteers are working on the holiday activities that lie ahead. Last year we assisted more than 230 families totaling 550 children here in Dawson Co.  Not only do we help with Christmas, we too, assist the many schools here in Dawson to provide clothing to children in need throughout the year.

 We have just recently started a Back To School program called KARE Kloset.
The guidelines for what we purchase each child are outlined and you can indicate your level of commitment as a sponsor.

All SPONSORS must have their items ready to turn in by December 8th.

You can contactthe KARE phone at 706-216-5273 to do so.
Thank you for considering helping a family or child in YOUR community!

KARE for Kids is always in need of volunteers; please let us know if you are interested. A lot of work goes into what we try to accomplish. If you have an interest in volunteering with KARE, would like to sponsor a child(ren) this Christmas or would like to make a monetary donation please call 706-216-KARE (5273).

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